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Standing with confidence and grace, 41 West is a stylish emblem of modern architecture designed by IBI Group.

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For almost fifteen years, interior designer Cristina Oberti has transformed some of Vancouver's most notable developments into enclaves of exceptional experience.

Features are deftly selected by Oberti with the touch of a honed hand. A sophisticated elegance is present in striking kitchens and exquisite bathrooms. Countertops are resplendent, cabinets are superior, stainless steel appliances shine, and hardwood flooring provides cohesiveness through rooms. Each interior element works together to illustrate a lightness of being.

Urban chic translates seamlessly from city to home, a taste of contemporary in every finish.

Interiors are coated in details uniquely chosen to elevate a feeling of luxury, a sense of style, a taste of elegance, and a definitive distinctiveness. They are living spaces that appeal to those with an appreciation for cultured quarters and the essence of excellence.